Learn step by step

The token is available on two networks. Below are basic instructions on how to get the eth/feg token. Yes it is complicated because this is still a new coin. Please join the @fegsupport group on the telegram where we will gladly help you!

Purchase ETH in Coinbase

Purchase ETH on Coinbase. keep in mind that the method you use to transfer cash to your account can delay your ability to purchase and transfer ETH by up to 5 days.

Download a Metamask wallet

In order to purchase and store FEG you need a wallet that like Metamask. This wallet is available on the app store.

before buying anything, your going to want to add a custom token for the feg token. Go
into your metamask wallet and select add token. Then copy and paste the contract
address from coingecko into the add token address field. Here is the contract address if
you can not find it. The token symbol section should fill automatically when done
You also can click on the Metamask fox to add it automatically.

Open the Uniswap website in metamask

This makes trading easier between eth and the unregistered coin FEG

after you have successfully added the token to your wallet, visit the uniswap exchange


A window pops up, like for every new token to add in uniswap. Just confirm by clicking on the checkbox “I understand” and click “Import” before continuing, make sure you have bought ETH on the exchange of your choice and have transferred it to your wallet. I know this may be common sense to some but for newcomers like I was at one point, it wasn’t. If you do not know how to buy ETH and send to your metamask wallet, youtube or google it. It’s actually quite an easy process.

Setting up Uniswap to make your FEG purchase

Once you are on Uniswap there are a few things to keep in mind

Once you are at the uniswap page. Select ETH to FEG. It should ask you to import FEG token if it does not show up as an active token. Press connect wallet and wallet connect to your metamask wallet. Metamask will ask for authorization to your wallet. Select

click the gear icon in the right corner and manually put your slippage anywhere between 3% to 5%. Make sure you have enough ETH to cover gas fees and then authorize the transaction.

Credit: ButterscotchSilver11